Saturday, January 11, 2014


Last night we were under a severe weather alert with possible gushing rain and strong winds.  Upon awakening this morning, I could see that we escaped the damaging weather by the skin on our teeth.  However, the lack of a severe storm did not hinder the animals in any way, as they took naturally to spending a wet and dreary day indoors.

Savannah never misses a moment to plop herself down on the sofa for a long winters nap.

Billie, not to be outdone by her sister, decides to snuggle in also.  At least she is on the dog bed.

Stella, our boarder for the weekend, decided the chair looked pretty inviting.  Monkey see, monkey do.

Even the rabbits are lazy.  And I don't doubt that if they were running around the house, the last chair in the living room would be occupied.  *Sigh*  Now where do I sit?


Sherri B. said...

We have the same activity going on here too...except for the birds outside, they are eating like mad. The dog and cat having been sleeping together for most of the day on the couch, waking just long enough for meals.
Stay warm and dry. xo

Sherri B. said...
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