Monday, March 10, 2014


A few years ago, I snagged this chair from a garage sale for a steal.  It served me well, but time has now claimed the seat area and it is need of repair.  Since garage sale season is still a few months away here in the PNW, and funds are too tight to just go out a buy a new chair, I knew I needed to get my creative juices flowing.  Or, better yet, "put on my thinking cap," as my grandma use to say.  

Having limited tools at my disposal, I set out to, first and foremost, remove the old seat area.

This part was the easiest.  And seeing it was so easy, I convince myself that the following steps would also flow without a hitch.

I gathered a few simple tools and sat down to work.

The seat was made of many layers of thick cardboard.  However, in its prime, the simple cardboard had a very detailed design that was quite stunning....barring the red paint.  I imagine it was quite a lovely sight at some point it its life.

After removing the fragments and tacks, I brushed and cleaned the surface.

As I "shopped" the articles in my home, I came across a great metal sign that I was not using.  It was sturdy and had horses on it which made it all the more desirable to me.

Being nice and thin, I figured I could whip some holes in it and use some decorative tacks to adhere it to the chair.  What a simple fix this would be!  I smiled smugly at my cleverness.

Well....turns out a drill bit needs to be made for metal before one can drill a hole.  I broke the first bit in half.  But hey....that didn't stop me.  No sir, I just boldly went back to my case of bits (not knowing what bit was for what job) and picked another candidate.  The next bit drilled the hole a bit deeper into the thin metal, but ended up frayed on the tip. was at this point that I knew I was beat.  Refusing to be discouraged at my lack of funds to purchase the right bit, I once again, "put on my thinking cap."

Duct tape!  Of course....why didn't I think of that before!  I even had the right color!  My how smart we farmgirls can be when push comes to shove.  The old saying is true: Necessity is the mother of invention.

THERE!  All duct taped down and ready for my rump to once again find comfort in my old chair.

There you have it.  The final product.  And am I proud?  Yes, yeas ma'am I am.  And if I get any Redneck comments they will be terminated.....hahahahaha!

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Sherri B. said...

Well now, very clever...very clever indeed. No red necked comments coming from me, my dear sister, just a proud "hurray" for using your 'noodle'. xo