Saturday, July 28, 2012


It doesn't take long for a coop to show signs of wear and tear.  I have been having problems with the door sticking and not being able to open it all the way.  With my brother unable to assist me, I sat down to tackle this job myself.  I am not, mind you, a carpenter in any way, shape, or form.  However, I knew that I would need to remove the door and sand down the bottom to get it free flowing again.  So that is where I started.

With the door off (it is heavier than it looks) I was able to get a better look at the bottom.  Since I don't own a planer, I figured my sander would have to do the trick.  I sanded and sanded and sanded.  I fixed the stripped screw holes that held the hinges in place and figured I was good to go.  Putting the door back up single handed was more of a challenge than I had originally intended.  But I propped it on my foot and that made it a reasonable height to begin putting it back on the frame.

Pleased with my accomplishments I considered this a complete success!  However, the hens had a nervous breakdown the whole time I was working.  As you can see, they stayed far away from the project.


Sherri B. said...

Hey, great job, Sis! How funny that the chickens are all bunched together in the corner. xo

Scrappy said...

thw work never ends it seems!

Wyatt said...

I suppose chickens don't care much for power tools. Hope they know it was for the greater good of the flock!

Wyatt and Stanzie