Saturday, January 29, 2011


My chickens love cleaning day.  When fresh straw is laid down, they scratch to their hearts content.

The chicken in the foreground is Raven.  She is only eight months old, but already looking gorgeous in her full adult plumage.

One must always include a good butt shot in every chicken photo shoot.  These hens are wasting no time finding all the little goodies that come in a bale of straw.

This is Bridget, another of my young hens from spring 2010.  She is just striking in her black and white markings.  She is a good layer too.

And here is a glorious picture of me and Charolette.  We both are sporting quite the hairstyle....yikes!


Katiebee said...

Love the pic of you & Charlotte!
we're thinking of getting chickens~ need to do a bit more research~ hope you're having a great weekend~

Sherri B. said...

Too bad you didn't get a shot of them having their popcorn!

Kami said...

Love Charlotte's hair!!