Monday, November 1, 2010


It's meal time and we have run out of Jazzy's favorite canned food, Fancy Feast.  In desperation I searched the pantry for something to take the place of her normal dinner.  Here are the few options I had to offer her.

Surf and this looks promising.  So I open it up and give it a try.
Nice and juicy....just the way Jazzy likes it.  Yummmmmm, I coo to her, trying to show her how good this meal will be.  And what is the reaction?

THIS!  What a face!  I do believe she is NOT impressed.  So, on to the next can.

She gives it a good whiff....and the verdict is......
Not a fat chance of this junk touching her fine mouth.  She proceeded to sit there and stare at me as if to say, "have you lost your mind?"  I guess she would rather starve. 

Good thing the dogs aren't fussy eaters.  They never turn down dinner.  By the way, they would have loved to scarf down the rejected cat food, but I so did not want to be awakened at 2am with both girls having a bout of diarrhea from consuming cat food.  So where did the food go?  In the garbage, of course.

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