Thursday, November 11, 2010


It was a drippy fall day, but Mom, Sherri, and myself loaded up in the car and drove to visit my father's grave at Willamette National Cemetery. This picture is the view from my dad's grave site.

As you can see, the grave marker was a muddy mess, so we decided to clean it up a bit before placing the flowers.

So far the paper towels aren't really cutting it.  It seems the more Sherri wipes, the more the grass seeps more drippy lawn juice onto the marker.

Hey...I have an idea!  Let's pour some of the flower's water onto the marker...perhaps that will wash away some of the mud!

Yeah....right.  Well, this is a good as it was going to get.  So now on to the flower placement.

Here is the bright and cheery bouquet Sherri picked out and arranged herself.

Nice placement sis.

Now for the cheesy portrait with the flowers, while trying not to kneel on the grass.  After age forty, ones knees don't hold in this position long.  Now to clean up our mess and pack was nice to visit dad's grave.  He served well and proud in the military, giving of himself so we could be free.  Thanks, dad.

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