Monday, September 20, 2010


I am a little bit tardy getting to this post, as these pictures were taken in August.  But now that I have recovered from my breast surgery, I am trying to catch up on things left undone.  I went to the Marion County Fair with my surrogate dad and his wife this summer.  Here I am holding a prize winning rooster.  He was so docile!  And an armful to boot!

This little cutie pie is the owner and presenter of this magnificent rooster.  She had so many chickens that she was showing that it was mind boggling.  However, she took it all in stride.  A true blue American farmgirl. 

Here she is showing me how she presents her chickens to the judges.  Isn't this a beautiful Maran hen?  I have a Maran of my own...although she is not as calm as this blue ribbon beauty.

What's not to love about the sight of colorful ribbons won by children in the local 4H clubs?

I gotta admit...I love goats.  I've told Mom that soon we will have two little goats of our own.  Mom is not thrilled with this idea, but once we get the wee things home, she will be smitten for sure.

This handsome devil is my surrogate dad, Glenn.  He is the most awesome dad in the world.  And, he is wearing the t-shirt I bought him for Father's Day.  He is posing in front of a photo that he won third place!  Way to go Pappa B!

Since Pappa B entered more than one photo, he won more than one ribbon.  This photo is of his neice, Jenna.  It won the prize for the best fair theme.  I was so excited for him.  He is a great photographer and deserved this recognition!  The entire experience I had at the fair was one to tuck deep in my heart and remember forever.


Sherri B. said...

What baby goats, you didn't tell me about that.

Michelle said...

No baby goats....yet. It will take some time to soften mom up. You know how that goes.