Tuesday, October 19, 2010


After breakfast, and with all the animal chores completed, I take time to do my daily devotion and prayer routine.  Upon getting diagnosed with breast cancer, I made sure not to let my time with God go to the wayside and get lost among all the trips to doctors and treatments.  I am taking my devos, this time around, from the book SOLO, a remix of the Message.  I have found that in order to keep strong and maintain any form of sanity in this crazy cancer world, I needed my time with Jesus.

My faith has only grown stronger during this battle for my life.  God has been my comfort, my friend, my strength and my healer in all this.  Many people call cancer the big "C".  Well, I might have that "big C" in my life right now, but what reigns supreme over me, is an even bigger "C"........Christ, my king.  Have a blessed day everyone.  I plan to keep my blogs updated most days from now on.  So, stay tuned....more to come.

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Sherri B. said...

I love the big "C"...all the rest are lower case for sure, nothing beats Jesus Christ!