Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here I am trying to act all calm and together as I wait to be called back to short stay surgery.  My friend, Claudia, sitting next to me, has been a pillar of strength throughout this journey.  Years earlier, she went through similar treatment for her breast cancer.
All set and ready to go to the Breast Center to get poked and prodded for the umpteenth time.  Actually, I had a wire placed directly into the breast and through the tumor, to the clip that was placed when I had my stereotactic biopsy.  Then I had blue dye injected into the breast tissue...not so fun (ouch!)
These two guy are VERY near and dear to my heart.  On the left is Glenn, a family friend for twenty years (he is just like a surrogate daddy to me).  And on the right is Ralph, my pastor and buddy.  These guys were there through everything, supporting me, encouraging me, and sending lots of prayers upward for me.
Back from the Breast Center and all wired up, I am ready to go into surgery soon.  Sherri, my beloved big sister (not to mention best friend) took this photo of me and my support team guys.  I was going to post some after surgery pictures along with these, but Sherri advised that they are not the most flattering pictures she hasn't sent them to me yet.  When I get them I will see if they are postable or not.  I'm guessing she is right and that they are just for family to see.

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