Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This bouncy bundle of energy is Raleigh, a eleven week old black lab puppy that I have been babysitting for the last ten days, for a friend who is vacationing in Hawaii.

My girls, Savannah and Sasha, haven't quite known what to make of this flying ball of black fur.

However, Billie, the other dog I regularly dogsit, became fast friends with Raleigh and has enjoyed many romps in the grass with him.

Here I am trying to love up my girls, when Raleigh comes dashing in to the picture.  He is so adorable it's hard to discipline him, but being the sassy puppy that he is, direction is a must.

I think Raleigh and Billie shared many secrets over the last few days.

The cat is disgusted with the whole ordeal and threatening to pack her bags and leave if the pup stays much longer.

The rest of the pics are of Raleighs adventures during his stay at our house.  He goes home tomorrow morning much to the relief of all the feathered and furry creatures here at Hood Acre Farms.


Sherri B. said...

If the truth be known, Billie was not telling secrets to the pup but instead was telling him "bite me one more time in the face and you lose one of those 'sweet' little ears, get it".

Valerie said...

What adorable little ones! I found you through Sherri's Blog. Praying and thinking of you. Congrats on your last chemo, you look absolutley beautiful!


Michelle said...

Thanks for the prayers, Valerie!

Sunny said...

i like little dog