Saturday, June 5, 2010


Last night, when I went outside to put the chickens to bed after free-ranging, I discovered that only fourteen were in the coop. I counted three different times to make sure I wasn't missing one in the rafters, but no...there were only fourteen. Frantically, I searched my brood to see which one was missing. It took me a few moments to collect my thoughts after scanning all the feathers, but then I realized Piper was missing. Piper, as seen in the picture with my cat Jazzy, was my pretty Blue Andelusian hen...barely one year old. I found her under the coop, dead. No trauma on her body. She was just gone. My heart sank, as I have lost three chickens this way. No illness, no trauma...just here one minute and gone the next. The rest of the flock is fine. Thanks be to God.
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