Saturday, May 29, 2010


My herb garden has been a tangled mess for a long time now, so when the skies cleared for a brief time today, I grabbed my trusty gloves and hoofed it out to the garden for some much needed pruning.
This is my rosemary plant that has grown into a very large bush! Not even tying it up to the fence helped...neither did the berry vines entangled among the branches. I was hesitant to find what was hiding underneath the mass of fragrant leaves.
This is how the bed looks after a good ole cleaning. And what did I find under all the mass of green? A small, but surviving clump of chives. My potato salad will be yummy with those added!
Of course, Jazzy was on alert the whole time, just in case some critter leaped out from under the bramble. She investigated every inch of that raised bed once I was finished.
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Sherri B. said...

I heard a nasty rumor that Jazzy might find rodents but doesn't have the stomach to kill them. Shhh, don't tell that I said something.