Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lost Treasures

Lately, I have been bemoaning the fact that I can not afford to purchase the digital camera of my dreams.  Not seeing a new camera in my near future, I dug out my Fuji Finepix I had purchased many years ago (evident in the low number of megapixels...three).  What I am about to admit to might come across as a bit strange to some, but nonetheless, I need to purge this burden from my pathetic soul. 
As the digital industry plowed forward with ever changing models and increasingly higher megapixel each day, I soon put this camera away, ashamed to use such a dinasaur.  I further sealed the deal when I reminded myself that it took an xD that was not being used with as much frequency as the SD and such. 
However, the old saying is true, desperate times call for desperate measures.  With a bone dry pocketbook and the increasing need for a camera where I had more control over the manual settings, I unearthed the dinasaur camera, only to find out that, by golly, it takes darn good photo's, has many more functions than my basic Nikon point and shoot, and has the ability to be manually tweaked to fit each photo situations.  The fact that it only has 3 megapixels has not even come into play at this point!  I had truly found a lost treasure!  And, I even found some old photo's still on the xD card that are just precious.

Here is a picture of my niece, Kasandra.  She is now nine years old.  Here, she is four. 

Is anything more adorable than a cute kitten?  This is Jasmine, our calico cutie, dumped in our yard and abandoned in the spring of 2004.  Jazzy (as we now call her) is a holy terror who rules the two Airedale Terriers and loves to be out with the chickens (whom she refers to as her "peeps").

So, I think the moral of this story is: When you find yourself needing to pinch pennies, but wanting more out of life, dig around your house, and you just might find a hidden treasure.

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