Monday, December 28, 2009


On Thanksgiving, family and friends gathered to celebrate the bounty of the season at my niece Kami's home.  This is me with my two nephews Jude and Samuel, along with my good friend, Brian.

Here is Kami with her sweet daughter, Juliet.  Born 7 weeks premature, Juliet who celebrated her first birthday on December 13, is healthy, happy, and a joy to all.

Our newest addition to the family is Eden, being held here by Mom (who is Eden's Great Grandma).  Love the red demon-like eyes that I didn't take the time to correct on Photoshop.  Shame on me.

On Christmas Eve, we gathered once again to celebrate the birth of our Savior.  Jack believed that by staring at the table laydened with food, some would magically fall at his awaiting paws.  Hey, it's Christmas...even dogs have wishes.

Christmas would not be complete without being with my brothers and sisters in Christ, celebrating the birth of Jesus.  We had a short worship service at church, before the family gathered later in the evening.  Here is Mr. Funny Man, Ralph, my most cherished friend, playing a joke on me.  Ha ha ha...just wait until he see's the coal that will be in his stocking on Christmas morning for pulling this prank.

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