Monday, July 13, 2009


When I ventured into raising chickens for their delicious eggs, I figured I would own about five hens. Ha Ha Ha...Well, that idea was short lived. Not only do I have more than five, I added eight babies to the flock this spring. That brings my total up to a whopping sixteen chickens! And, in the suburbs, no less. On 1/3 of an acre. However, no matter the size of our humble dwelling, it is no less a farm.
"Come and get me"

Jazzy enjoys spending quality time with her "peeps". That is until they decide to dive bomb her all at once.

Charolette is my Polish Buff. We nicknamed her "bad hair day". As you can see, she sports quite the fro.
Every night, when my chicks are free-ranging in the backyard, I come out to give them a treat of red wheat. As you can see, they are quite comfortable helping themselves.

This is Miley. Yes, she was named after Hannah Montanna. No, I don't have any kids. And yes, if there is nothing on T.V. I will shamefully resort to watching the Disney Channel.

Sasha has spent the entire spring season itching what we thought were fleas, only to find out that she is allergic to everything "outdoors".

Savannah has been sporting a grumpy look lately, and now she is starting to itch also. Can allergies be contageous?

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