Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This entry is dedicated to my horse, Rosie. A few weeks ago, Rosie had to be euthenized. She was 27 years old. Rosie came into my life, four years ago and took my heart by storm! She remained ridable until early this year. Her arthritis made her sore and stiff, but she still managed to lay down on the ground for a good roll in the dirt. When her eyesight began to fail and she could no longer navigate the pasture, I hand walked her outside. Her favorite destination? Well, that would have to be my car. Yes, you heard right, my car. You see, my car held precious cargo to Rosie. "Grandma", my mom, would come with me to visit Rosie. Mom is not comfortable around such large animals, so she would stay in the car, roll down the window, and feed Rosie chunks of apples and carrots. Oh, how Rosie relished this time with her Grandma.

I knew when Rosie's time had come to the end. One week before her death, she no longer found comfort and enjoyment out of visiting Grandma in the car. Her eyesight was failing rapidly, causing her great amounts of anxiety and panic. The choice to end her suffering did not come easily. I could have been selfish and held on to her, but would that be showing her how much I loved her? No, in this case, true love was shown in the letting go. Not an easy lesson at any age. I will miss my girl forever and pray that now, she is running free.

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