Thursday, April 12, 2012


I have a very special relationship with my Americana hen, Emma.  When I purchased her she was one day old and had difficulty learning how to eat and drink.  Thinking she would not survive I did not get my hopes up in her chances of a life past a few days.  What I didn't expect was her fighting spirit and will to live that has now put her in her fourth year of life.

Emma is a snuggler and loves to be held and stroked.  I love burying my face in her neck and breathing in the soft dusty smell of her feathers.  When food is offered in a treat form, she is the first one up on my lap to partake of the goodness.  But even when I don't have food, but sit down on the deck for a rest in the sun, she will come running just to sit on my lap and hang with me.

I have had quite a few chickens pass in my four years of raising them.  And each passing is sad.  However, I do not want to think about the day that Emma goes to that big coop in the sky.  I hope the Lord has a long earthly life for her, but I am His and it is His Will that is to be done in my life.  So, I choose to love her each day I have with her.  And we will be snuggle buddies to the end, whenever that may be.


Sherri B. said...

Emma has always been such a gentle sweet soul! xo

Macintosh Mitch said...

I never knew that chickens could be so affectionate. I hope Emma lives a very long time. What a special friend!

Magic said...

That is so lovely - I believe all creatures can bond with each other given the right circumstances. Emma sounds very special.

Katiebee said...

so sweet!

happy weekending~



Edward said...

That’s really great that you have such a strong friendship with Emma, and might I say what a nice looking chicken she is.