Friday, May 20, 2011


 Everyone who knows me well, knows that I am a cowgirl through and through.  I don't live on a ranch or have a horse to ride (Rosie died in 2009), but I am a cowgirl in my heart and in reality whenever I can manage it.  Years ago, Mom gave me a calf head for Christmas.  This head has adorned my headboard on my bed and then sat lonely in my closet after Rosie died and I had a hard time looking at anything that reminded me of her. 
 Today, I brought the head out of hiding, grabbed my plastic sawhorse and went to work creating Brewster, my roping calf.  He is a proud little guy and holds his head up high.  I think he believes that I won't ever rope he in for a shock!
 He even has a tail.  After all, what would he swish the flies away with on a hot summer day when they are thick as fleas?
The finishing touch on Brewster is his handsome bandana.  He is still wet from getting sprayed with the hose to clean him off.  He will graze with the chickens and keep watch over the pasture....he is the strong and mighty BREWSTER!


Sherri B. said...

Brewster is adorable and looks like he's up to the challenge of watching over the pasture, I can see the wheels turning in his little black head right now.

Edward said...

Brewster is looking good, he seems to be very proud of his pasture, my father has a bandana much like Brewster’s.