Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today I got my port removed.  It was a quick surgical procedure with many stitches.  It's hard to believe that this was in my body for thirteen months.  My doctor gave it to me to keep....said it was like my own purple heart medal.  I served in the war of cancer and came out victorious...I am a warrior!

See how small it is?  The tube went up through an artery below my collarbone and the base sat snugly in my chest.  Every three weeks for the past year, this little receptacle gave me my chemo that killed the cancer.

Here it is, up close and personal.  The three raised bumps could be felt through my skin and gave the nurses the boundaries for where to insert the needle that led to the tubing that they hooked up to my IV meds.

Kind of looks like a computer mouse!

This is the bottom of the port.  See...it looks like a heart.

It has quite a thickness to it and I now see how deeply embedded it must have been in my chest.  No wonder the area where it once resided is feeling really sore.  I guess the anesthesia is wearing off.  Oh well, the soreness won't last forever.  Praise God this journey is over.


Sherri B. said...

Yikes! I had no idea it was that size..it didn't look that big under your skin. It is cool looking though and it is a purple heart. You are a warrior and you won.
Thank you Lord.

Shannon said...

Congratulations, Michelle, from one of your fellow comrades-in-arms. I never had a port, but came close to it. You have been very brave and all-deserving of your purple heart! I'm so glad for you that it's over now and you can heal and be well.

Katiebee said...

Yeah!!!!! I'm so happy for you Michelle~ Sending a hug your way!



Michelle said...

Thanks everyone! Your support, love and encouragment has made this journey one of character building and spiritual strengthening. Praise to our God who is always good!

Edward said...

You are a true war hero, good for you I hope the soreness goes away soon.

Sherry said...

A girly shade of purple--do you suppose those equipment designers have a sense of humor? By wearing it as a necklace, you'll set a new fashion! Congratulations; it was a long journey.

Theophanie said...