Monday, December 20, 2010


 Every morning, we have many animal chores to do, and one is feeding the birds.  I store the bird's seed and pellets in the cupboard, so each morning I sit down on the floor and fill all the bird's clean dishes with fresh food.  I also store dog and cat treats in this cupboard, and every morning they gather around to see what the "Magic Cupboard" offers them for that day.

 Even the cat, Jazzy joins in.  But Sasha is always the first in line to see what treasures await her salivating mouth.

 Here is Jazzy getting her morning dose of catnip, which is her treat from the magic cupboard.

 Here I am sitting in my usual spot getting ready to fill bird dishes.  Before I can procede with any bird chores, the dogs must have their treat from said magic cupboard. 

Once Savannah gets her one treat, she is satisfied to let me procede with filling the bird's dishes.  But NOT she is making sure her sister has left the room before she begs for that extra piece of goodie!  What would I do without my animals?  Probably lose my sanity....that's what.  Because in this crazy, mixed up world, they are my comfort and joy.

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Sherri B. said...

Moms always seem to do magic in one way or another...Love seeing your hair start to grow back, looks great!