Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here I am gearing up for a major "muck out" session in the chicken coop. I have three babies coming tomorrow and the place must be accommodating for babies. Chloe Anne has decided that she is going to stay broody until she gets her babies. So, I gave in and am letting her be a mommy for awhile. Only time will tell if this was a smart move on my part...or one of complete ignorance. Due to my immune system being depleted from chemo, it is necessary for me to protect myself completely...even if the respirator seems like overkill. I look like some kind of alien creature!
Here is my broody hen, Chloe Anne. Out of desperateness, she will even sit in an empty nest box. I'm not sure she is playing with a full deck all the time.
This cute little brooder box was made by my brother. I stole the unfertilized eggs out from under her (not a happy camper about that, let me tell you) and put them in the box. Thankfully, she accepted the box and is now still sitting on her nest of eggs.
The rest of the nest boxes got fresh straw and the floor, new bedding. The coop smells fresh and clean. But, by tomorrow the gang will have splattered everything with poop once again. Boo Hoo...a farmgirls work is never done.
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