Sunday, May 16, 2010


Here I am in all my bald glory, with no make up and looking utterly smashing (not!).  I am readying myself for a jaunt in the kitchen with my first attempt at making Enchiladas.
I figured if I donned my apron bearing the logo of Martha Stewart, that I would be a leg up on my endeavor.  Yah, right.
Ah, yes...the first step is underway.  Making the red sauce was not as difficult as I imagined.  However, it doesn't look quite like the picture in the cookbook.  By the way, this recipe is coming out of the Pioneer Woman cookbook.
Here lies a proud moment.  Now try to stifle your snickering...but this is the first time I have ever used my food processor!  I actually picked the right blade and everything.  And there you have it...the shredded cheese in all its glory.  *Sniff*  It's a beautiful moment.
Tasting is a must!  After all, I can't expect my family to eat what I haven't tasted yet.  Besides, I have a great oncologist told me I can not lose any weight while having chemo...really?  Sounds good to me!  Bring on the chow!
Once assembled, and tucked neatly in the oven, I survey the not so neat condition of my kitchen....Yikes!  Does anybody else make a mess like this while cooking?  Or am I the only gourmet slob around?
Messy, messy, messy.
Alas!  Here it is...the finished product.  Not quite as beautiful as the picture in the book, but definitely one for the success book.  It was good eating, too!

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Sherri B. said...

Messy kitchens while cooking? I have seen photos taken by the Pioneer Woman of her kitchen after a bout of cooking so you are in good company. Looks like it turned out pretty yummy!