Monday, July 20, 2009


Ever had an encounter with one of God's creatures that captured your heart? I did, today. I was at Bird Hut, a great store in my home town devoted to companion birds and their owners. They raise their own babies and let them have playtime in the toy room, however, it should be called the rumpus room. Over the years, I have seen many birds come and go at the shop, but today, one stole my heart.
The birds play on sphere's hanging from the ceiling. A Rose Breasted Cockatoo flew onto my shoulder and began cooing to me. I made a fuss over her and she soaked in every moment. Needing to purchase some bird food, I set her back on the sphere and went to pay for my merchandise in the adjoining room. A few minutes later, toddling on the floor trying to find me, was the little cockatoo. Spotting me, she began scaling my leg to reach my shoulder. I picked her up and told her, that if she wanted me to own her (at a whopping two grand) then Publishers Clearinghouse would have to send the prize patrol to my house with the money! Oh, how agonizing it was to put her back and leave the store. I felt a bond with her right away. But, reality is reality. And my reality gives me no leeway to make such a large purchase. However, that little bird made me feel like a million bucks when she gave me her love. My pocketbook may have made me leave the store without her physically, but our great God let me leave the store with her heart. And that, my friends, is priceless.

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