Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I can't believe that Christmas is over and New Years Day is fast approaching.
What with the blizzard like conditions that snared the city for almost two weeks,
I had all but lost track of what day it is.
The dogs loved the snow, as you can see. Sasha proceeded to dig a hole and stick her head down it in hopes that she might get lucky and find some rodent finding warmth in the depths of the earth.

The chickens wouldn't step one toe into the snow. They opted to hold up in their coop until their enclosed run showed signs of improvement. Strangely, Emma, my Americana, used this unusual cold time to lay her first egg!

So now, the task at hand is getting back into the swing of regular daily life. I will be making more bird toys for my website and begin the process of expanding my business to a broader audience. I'm thinking about selling my toys at an artists market that is held seasonally in Fairview Village. I know bird lovers are out there, I just have to be creative in finding them.

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gu@n said...

wish you a happy new year :D