Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Every morning, I labor over what to feed my babies.  Here is a prime example of the diet I have for my rabbit Zoey and, the three parrots.  Above is a dish I fixed for Zoey the other day.  She always gets a "salad" in the morning, unlimited amounts of Timothy Hay, and a half cup of pellets in the evening.

This morning, breakfast for the birds looked like this.  Oatmeal, kale, apples chunks, carrot, and broccoli.  Zeek loves some of his veggies served on a skewer.  The other two birds could care less about food on a skewer.  To each their own.

Savannah and Jazzy are much simpler to feed.  They get fresh meat, some veggies and plenty of teeth cleaning hard kibble.  Savannah always wants her large crunchy dog bones and feels that she deserves one upon re-entering the house after being outside.  Sometimes I think she goes out just to come back in and get a treat.  Gee, I wonder who created this monster?

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Sherri B. said...

Wow, set me a place at that table!!xo