Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is a quick update on Zoey and how she is settling in to her new life on this tiny farm. Zoey might just be a small rabbit, but she has a huge personality. She plays ball with me, tossing it in the air in my direction. Yesterday, when she was finished playing ball, she ended the game by picking the ball up and putting it in her empty veggie dish. What a character. Besides her big personality, she also has a big attitude and many opinions about life in her world.

When I go out to put her in her hutch for the night, she protests by growling and leaping towards me. Little does she know, I use to work with birds of prey at the Oregon Zoo and have no fear of animals. She is very independent and wants what she wants, when she wants it! My favorite part of the day is when I pick her up, growling and all, and snuggle her before her bedtime. She immediately stops growling and relaxes as I hold her and talk softly to her.

I have never owned a bunny before, so I had no idea how smart they are and how much fun they are to have around. I hope by summer to have her use to a harness, so I can take her on walks around the property. That way she can get a good workout without the danger of any predators or harmful situations. I bet she will love being out with the chickens in the warm weather too. Savannah is adjusting to me giving attention to Zoey and has seemed to calm down about the whole bunny affair. However, she is a terrier, and her prey drive is sharp, so she will never get access to Zoey under my watch.
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Sherry said...

Oh boy! I look forward to more photos. I had a Dutch bunny many years ago but don't recall him making any noises. I had no idea rabbits could growl.

Magic said...

Good to hear how Zoey is getting on. Rabbits can be great characters and a lot of fun if you get to know them. I'm sure she'll love to go out on a harness in the summer and see more of the world.

Edward said...

Bunny can growl! I never knew that, learning something new everyday, nice that she settles down for bedtime snuggle, I’ll look forward to hearing more of Zoey she seems like a very nice rabbit I think she’ll enjoy getting out and about in the harness.

Mitch and angel Maggie said...

Zoey sounds like a fun playmate. I had no idea that bunnies could growl!

Love ya lots

Wyatt said...

Zoey has spunk..hee-hee. Can't wait to see her hopping around the neighborhood on a harness. Don't forget the camera! Zoey's Spring Fling! :D

(no Airedales allowed!)

Wyatt's Mom