Friday, February 3, 2012


My chickens have been roaming the winter weary yard, trying to find anything worth eating.  I can't believe how messy the garden gets this time of year.  And to make it worse, the hens have decided that in the winter weather, they are going to congregate on the patio....and you know what happens when hens stand around?  They poop!  They poop a lot!  And right on the patio near the door.

Miss Destiny, one of my four year old hens, knows just where to go to get the delicious winter bugs.  As I write this, the chickens are free ranging out back in the blustery wind.  The sun is shining and it is quite mild out.  Tomorrow is suppose to reach sixty degrees!


Wyatt said...

I just love the sight of your happy chickens doing their happy chicken thing :D
Hey, one of our landscape clients needs to find a new home for her fluffy gray has a hutch and a little dog kennel set up. Do you need a rabbit to go with your chickens?

Wyatt's mom

Michelle said...

I have always wanted a rabbit. Where do they live? Let me know more. Does it live inside or outside? I would truly love to know more.

Magic said...

Hi - just dropped by your blog recommended by Wyatt. Really enjoyed reading it. We have hens too - one looks just like your brown hen :-)love from Magic xx

Sherry said...

My pesky hens did the same thing when I let them out of their muddy run--hung around on the patio. I wonder if the rabbit is the tiny kind with really big hair? Can hardly wait for photos!

Edward said...

Love the chickens, they all look happy searching around for bugs, I would have liked to have chickens where we keep the horses, but sadly there seem to be quite a few foxes around so I decided against it.

Cassie said...

If you love the chickens, you gotta take the patio pooh with the chickens. he he.

Rabbits are SO much fun. We had a lop years ago (before we had our terriers)and he was the funniest fellow. He would boss our cat around. Went pooh in a litter box. Only thing is, he liked to chew on light cords. We had to cover them all with heavy plastic. He got an inoperable tumor in his mouth and we had to put him down. He was such a nice pet...his name was Shalom.

The Thuglets said...

You can't beat happy chickens..lovely fresh eggies!

Hows Savannah doing? What's she up too?
Big nose POkes
The Thugletsx