Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My big sister, Sherri, whom I have always looked up to and admired, recently added a great map to the wall in her craft/computer room.  It was so stunning that I decided to do my best to copy her.  I love maps also, but perhaps not as much as Sherri.  I've had this folded up map tucked away for many years, so I unearthed it and hung it over my desk in the bird room.  I am going to take pictures or drawings of different parrots and post them on the map with a pin marking where their native land resides.  It will be educational for me and hopefully fun for my readers too. 


Sherri B. said...

I love your map, I didn't know that you had a cool one like that...It's probably best that I didn't know, haha! Great idea about the birds and their native lands! xo

Edward said...

I remember reading your sisters post about her map, I liked the look of it, and I must say no exception here it looks great!