Friday, September 23, 2011


Since today marks the beginning of my favorite season, autumn, I felt it most appropriate to start it off with a treat for the animals.  I had purchased some coconut milk thinking I would love the taste, but it turns out I could barely choke one sip down.  So it sat in the fridge for over a week.  I checked online to see if coconut milk was okay to feed to animals and when I found out it was fine in small quantities, I was off to the coop to offer the chickens a treat.

It's so deceiving because it looks quite delicious.  I am a whole milk kind of girl.  In fact, if I had more acreage, I would have my own cow and raw milk to chug down on a regular basis.....yum.

The girls immediately knew something was about to take place.  They gathered around, wondering what delicious treat could possibly be contained in the silver pail.  Some cocked their heads in wonder, some paced with anticipation, and others froze in their tracks.

Aspen, one of my youngest hens dove right in.  Miley, my Delaware, craned her neck to inspect the contents before partaking of the milky goodness.  She soon warmed up, though, and drank her fair share.

It didn't take long for the entire flock to gather around.  Some of the more shy hens had to do some fancy footwork, ducking in and out of the crowd to get their beaks wet.  As they tilted their heads back to let the white goodness trickle down their throats, you could almost sense the delight that they were feeling.

Emma, my Americana hen (left) stood in the corner too afraid to approach the more bold and gluttonous hens.  So I removed the pail from the mob scene and sought out Emma and Raven to let them have at the treat.  They were most appreciative.

After about ten minutes I removed the pail of milk from the chickens and brought it out for the Airedale sisters to consume some of the sweet goodness.  Sasha, my foodie, and always the one first in line for anything edible, came running over to see what was sloshing in the pail I carried.

But all too soon, sister Savannah came over and Sasha immediately submitted....although begrudgingly.  Sasha doesn't challenge her sister very often, except for a prized bone or stinky slimy spot on the grass that she is always compelled to roll in.  The coconut milk did not rank high enough on her palates scale, so she let her sister drink her fill.

I didn't let the animals finish the whole pail and I threw out quite a good quantity.  But not before all animals on the farm had a gulp or two of the white liquid.  I will not buy coconut milk again, because it just doesn't rock my world.  However, all the creatures know that there will always be yummy treats and special occasions to celebrate the goodness of life.


Theophanie said...

How funny! I would have never thought of giving coconut milk to the animals.

Sherry said...

I usually go to your parrot blog. Isn't it amazing what chickens will eat? I give mine leftover cooked parrot food.

And Sherri is your sister? Small world indeed!!

Wyatt said...

Hi Farm Dales!
We saw you over at Sherry's blog. Thought we would stop by, cuz we like veggies and chickens and most of all Airedales :)

Wyatt and Stanzie

pilgrimscottage said...

Commercially made coconut milk does not compare with fresh made straight from the coconut. It no longer has the good whole coconut milk taste after the processing and pasteurization. Your Airedales are cute!

The Thuglets said...

Hello..we saw you on Sherry's blog so we thought we would drop by and meet the dales and see what happens at your place.

Big Nose Pokes
The Thugletsx

Lap Dog Knits said...

I've always wanted chickens...since I can't have any...I'd like to follow along and enjoy all your bird activities..

have a great week ahead - I'll follow along with you