Thursday, September 15, 2011


This little cutie pie is a regular at our house.  Her dad is retired and active in the Shriner's organization, and is on the road a lot, so he drops her off for sometimes two weeks at a time.  Her name is Billie, and she is eight years old.  I must tell you, don't let her small size fool you.  This ten pound dynamo rules the two seventy pound Airedale sisters. 

Billie also loves being a chicken wrangler.  When I go out in the morning, she is right at my heels ready to scan the chicken yard for varmints.  Even though she never gets in the run with the chickens, she feels her job is of utmost importance and carries it out with pride.  We love her to pieces and miss her when she is home with her dad.

The sun here in the great Pacific Northwest is setting earlier and earlier and the leaves will soon be changing color.  It's at this time of year that I love the most.  I am an autumn junkie and could live in it all year long.  Soon it will be time to haul out the harvest decorations!  On a side note: if any of you have birds (parrots), then hop on over to my other blog and join the fun!  I will be starting a giveaway on there within the next couple of days.  So, if you have a bird or know someone who does, drop on over and enter the contest!


Sherri B. said...

Billie is the best! I'm sure that she can wrangle chickens with the best of them...go Billie!

pilgrimscottage said...

Billie looks like such a cutie! No doubt, she makes up in personality what she doesn't have in size.

Anonymous said...

What a fun little one to have around! I could live in autumn too, I wish I was somewhere with tons of trees right now.

Edward said...

She’s a lovely looking dog very sweet, I like autumn very much it is great not too cold not too hot plus it is really nice to see all the different colours and fallen leaves.