Friday, April 1, 2011


 For the first in a long month of rain, today was rain free and reached temps in the upper sixties!  No April Fools here...just pure blissful dryness.  The fish were eager to peak above the murky depths of their winter den and beg for food.  I grabbed last years food as I have yet to get them new food for the spring.
 Just the other day I had to turn off the pump due to too much algae and gunk that has yet to be filtered out.  I am always surprised how much the fish grow over the winter.  Pretty impressive considering they don't eat all winter long.  They emerged larger, fatter and with enormous appetites.
 At one time, we had huge fish.  Beautiful fish.  But one fall day in 2007, I came home from a horse show to find ALL the fish gone.  Not one fin, head or tail remained.  Clean as a whistle, except for a tiny trace of scales on one rock.  Raccoons had made a buffet out of the pond overnight.  These fish are the babies that were left behind.  However, not one turned out to be multi colored like my favorite fish that got eaten.
Sasha stops for a cool drink out of the algae and fish soup bowl.  The dogs have crystal clean water set out for them, but the mucky pond rates higher on their list.  At least they don't use it as a swimming pool.


Sherri B. said...

They think any water that is brown or green is the most delicious of cocktails..yum!

Katiebee said...

awwww, sorry to hear about your fish~ darn racoons!

Edward said...

I like koi carp but we've never had a pond suitable for keeping fish in. We have two ponds but they are both wildlife ponds and full of frog spawn at the moment.