Saturday, April 3, 2010


Every once in a while, I treat my chickens to some pure and natural yogurt.  They love this treat and come flying at me when I bring it in their run.  This is Emma with a beak dipped to the brim with yogurt.

Here is half the brood diving into the creamy goodness.  It only took a few seconds for most of them to be wearing yogurt on their backs.

Notice the white specks of yogurt on Abby's back.  They not only eat their food....they wear it too! 

One closing comment....does Charolette ever have a GOOD hair day?????


Sherri B. said...

My chickens love sour cream and get it on the beaks too but they didn't get the memo that wearing it was the in thing to do.

Sherry said...

Beautiful chickens. I think my girls' favorite snack is still mealworms. It's the dogs that get super-excited when the yogurt carton comes out!

ted and bunny said...

Hi- just came to your blog thru Sherri B and I love it!

1) I am off to try Hennypenny and Martina on some yoghurt.
2) So sorry to read about dear Jake.
3) So sorry also to hear of your cancer; I too know the feelings that particular diagnosis brings, but from the bottom of my heart I can honestly say it's not all bad- an interesting journey, but not without surprisingly lighter moments!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comments. I love to hear about all the other bloggers out there and see what their lives are like. Keep writing!