Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Journey

Where to begin, that is the burning question. I have never kept a blog before, but I can chat up a storm in person, so this shouldn't be hard to do after awhile.

There are many animals in my life. Two Airedale Terriers (Savannah, 6 & Sasha, 5), two cats (Jake, 16 & Jazzy 4), two birds (Zeek, 14 nanday conure & Gabe, 15 cockatiel), one horse (Rosie 26 quarter horse), nine chickens (Jezabelle, Emma, Gracie, Gabby, Maddy, Abby, Zoey, Autumn, Destiny (all 8 months old and laying) and a pond full of fish.

These characters keep me busy along with my home business. I make and sell mentally enriching bird toys. It is very rewarding. Check out my store at and take a look at my products. I am also a new member of EFA (Etsy For Animals). A portion of my sales go to animal charities which are changed monthly through EFA.
The photo is of me and my horse, Rosie, at our first show, Oct 2007. Many more photos will be added over time, as will more posts about my crazy life.


sherri said...

I liove your new blog. I can't believe you and Zeek did this without me even knowing. What a great surprise. This will be such fun. Jack and Maggie are helping me put up the Christmas tree. Dogs are such a big help. I'll check back and let you know if the cats decide to lend a paw. Love, Sherri

Michelle said...

What would we do without the help (hinderance lol) of our canine companions? I can picture Maggie and Jack "helping". And I'm sure the cats will love to take a spin up, around, in and out of the tree. Bless their little hearts.